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Germ van Ek g.vanek at stationtostation.nl
Sat May 11 16:38:09 MDT 2013

I don't speak on behalf of any developers, but most times it is very difficult to change the license of an open source project, as the consent of all contributors would be needed which is nearly impossible. There are ways, but I don't think it is very likely.

Further information about linking gpl is widely available on the net.

Afaik it is always allowed to link to any library as long as you don't change it or open source only the changes to the library.

Best regards, Gerben

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Any update on this. I have not received any details about this.


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We are developing a iPhone app which is a free App and this app will make connection with windows server and enumerate services. This app uses  samba library.  Since the samba library comes under GPL license,We would like to know how to bundle this library.

Are there a chance that samba c library will be licensed under LGPL? Or could someone give use permission to link samba library.

G. L. Narasimhan

Product Manager, Free Tools, 
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