[Samba] samba4 with glusterfs

Ulrich Schinz uli at schinz.de
Sat May 11 03:35:09 MDT 2013

Am 11.05.2013 03:31, schrieb Hisham Attar:
> for mine to work (under ubuntu) I had to mount with the options at the 
> end or it didnt work
> mount -t glusterfs gluster01:/vol01/samba/glusterfs -o acl,user_xattr
ah ok, maybe in earlier versions... for now it's an unkonwn option...

mount -t glusterfs sba-gluster01.intern.ksfh.de:/dfsvol01 
/samba/glusterfs/ -o acl,user_xattr
unknown option user_xattr (ignored)

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