[Samba] samba4 with glusterfs

Ulrich Schinz uli at schinz.de
Fri May 10 09:59:30 MDT 2013

hmmm, ok, I'm not able to find an option... but I think it's enabled by 
default. If it wouldn't be enabled, I couldnt setfattr.
And I can setfattr -n user.test -v test MOUNTEDGLUSTERFSDIR without any 
problems.... Only using windows -> samba leads to the problems...

maybe you can give me a hint with that user_xattr option... i use

mount -t glusterfs -o acl gluster01:/vol01 /samba/glusterfs

-o acl,user_xattr is not working, -o acl,fuse-opt=user_xattr also not 

kind regards uli

Am 10.05.2013 17:15, schrieb Hisham Attar:
> you can mount glusterfs with user_xattr, I had to do that otherwise I 
> couldnt rsync extended attributes to the mount point

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