[Samba] fsmo _role_seize _issue

murali at nbtechnology.in murali at nbtechnology.in
Sun May 5 22:59:30 MDT 2013


I have been trying to replace my win 2003 DC with samba4 ADC , but i am 
getting the following error when i run
samba-tool fsmo seize --role=all for all the 5 roles. I found that it 
is listed in Samba-Bugzilla – Bug 9461
as on 28/1/2013.Is there any patch been released after that or is there 
any patch which is planned for release.Any workaround to overcome this

[root at server1# samba-tool fsmo seize --role=schema
Attempting transfer...
FSMO transfer of 'schema' role successful
ERROR: Failed to initiate role seize of 'schema' role: objectclass: 
message must have elements/attributes!

Thanks & Regards

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