[Samba] passwd program on samba4

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sun May 5 15:03:31 MDT 2013

Hello Michael,

Am 05.05.2013 13:08, schrieb Dr Michael Cinti:
> Hi, my organization uses samba3 with LDAP backend, several non-samba
> attribute are stored in LDAP to manage different service (webmail, web
> service) also LDAP storing many extra-domain users in a different
> directory.
> I would like to migrate to samba4 AD-DC but i need to keep extra-domain
> users and non-samba attributes.
> I would like keep all users in LDAP and syncing their passwords from
> samba with "passwd program" but samba4 ignores these directives.

Why don't transfer the additional attributes to the migrated AD and have 
only one LDAP (AD)?

Just write a small script, that runs all accounts in your new AD, 
searching the user in your openLDAP and retrieves the required 
attributes and write them with ldapmodify to AD. I did that when we 
switched to AD for about 150 accounts. And now I can change everything 
on one place with ADUC.


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