[Samba] Two departments on two different locations

Ulrich Schinz ulrich.schinz at ksfh.de
Fri May 3 01:11:54 MDT 2013

Hi there,

like topic sais, I'd like to build a domain-system with two locations. 
Our users work one day here the other day in the other place.
The two locations are connected via VPN (10MBit).

To have one datastore in sync on both locations I was thinking about 
something like a distributed filesystem (e.g. ceph). Why?

I hope to be able to setup the cluster between the two locations with a 
limited traffic between the two locations. So we would have a
identical database on both locations.

I want to have this identical datastore to have the profile and 
outlook.pst loaded at login fast. So I'd like to build something like
two gateways in the two locations, both mounting same datastore. 
Placement of files in this datastore is configured to hold one copy
of each file in each location. So conecting to one gateway should 
deliver a "local" copy in each location. I hope it's clear, what I mean.

Maybe some ascii-art ;)

  ------------------       ---------------------      -------------     
-----------------------      --------------------
|clients location a|-----|Fileserver "gatewayA"|----| CEPHCLUSTER |---| 
Fileserver "gatewayB" |----| clients location b |
  ------------------       ---------------------      -------------     
-----------------------      --------------------

I'm not that skilled artist ;)

The gateway idea is, because in the usermanagement of AD I can give only 
one profile-path. So I wanted to "trick" that, and have different
dns-entries in the two locations for the same name. So I could achieve 
the local access to the datastore....

On both locations there is a samba4-AD of the same domain.

So maybe one of you has some hints, how to achieve this. I fear that 
it's not possible to mount ceph from two clients at the same time.
Maybe it is possible ??? Alternatives?
Some other solution for that problem?

Any hint and ideas concerning this problem is welcome!

Kind regards

Ulrich Schinz

ulrich.schinz at ksfh.de


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