[Samba] guest share on a " security = user" server

Andreas Moroder andreas.moroder at sb-brixen.it
Fri May 3 00:16:16 MDT 2013

> Andreas,
> This is the place to start:
> http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Frequently_Asked_Questions#guest_access
> Dale


I does not work for me. Maybe I have something wrong in the config I overlook.

My smbusers file:
nobody = guest

part of my smb.conf

security = user
map to guest = Bad User
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers

guest ok = yes
path = /san/san-lacie/
read only = no
writable = no
printable = no
Browseable = No

I tested with 
smbclient //server/public -Unot_a_user%foo

and it works. It does not work from windows because the user/pwd dialog
appears when I try to access the share from the explorer respectively gives
a error when I try from the console. 
It is important that it works without the need to enter a password, because
I have to access this share from  a program that is called by a service that


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