[Samba] Fwd: Shadow copy in Samba 4.0.3

SerNet Support Björn Baumbach samba at sernet.de
Thu May 2 03:09:45 MDT 2013


On 04/30/2013 09:51 PM, Ambika Arunachalam wrote:
> As discussed in the call, our configuration mounts the snapshot
> directory in parallel to the original mount point.(like
> /FILESYSTEMS/test and /FILESYSTEMS/snaptest)
> But it looks like the shadow copy module expects that the snapshot to be
> mounted under the original mount point's path tree. Hence it fails to
> find the snapshot directory.
> Please let me know if you need more information

yes, the default way using the shadow_copy2 module is to have a
.snapshot directory next to the stored data (or under the original mount
point), including the timestamp directories where snapshots are mounted.
The shadow:snapdir option does currently not work with absolute paths.
As far as I understand the code it's only possible to specify an
alternate name to ".snapshot".

With the current configuration (shadow:snapdir = /FILESYSTEMS) the
module searches for a snapshot directory "/FILESYSTEMS".
Trying to get older versions (snap shots/shadow copies) for a file
stored in e.g. /FILESYSTEMS/test/some/sub/dir/test.txt triggers the
module to search for the specified snap-dir in the the following way:
First the module checks for a snap-dir at

and then, if there is no path found, it walks through the path:
-> exit with "no snapshots found"

I'll discuss this issue with my colleagues Michael Adam and Volker
Lendecke to find the proper solution.

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