[Samba] Build 3.6.12 on Solaris 8

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Wed May 1 09:28:52 MDT 2013

Longer term you might just want to look at moving to Solaris 10, since 
it has samba 3.6.x included already.    So much simpler than 
compiling.    Although ZFS support does add new complications.

That being said,   I did have some luck compiling samba 3.4.x on Solaris 
10 (prior to Sun/Oracle  releasing an update for its bundled 
version.)    I had to use Sun studio and dmake. (Ideally you would use 
gcc but the version of make included with solaris  breaks things.)

According to my notes

CC='/usr/bin/cc -xc99'

I don't remember why but I think that tells  Sun Studio to compile stuff 
with open source compatibility in mind.

If you LDAP for an account backend, domain trusts or idmapping you may 
need to compile openldap first.     The sun ldap may be ok for some 
dependencies but not others.

Instead of the make command, use "dmake" or "dmake -serial." Samba 
source should include some of its own dependencies ( tdb, talloc etc)  
you may need to cd into the subdirectories and run dmake or dmake 
-serial first.  Otherwise samba build may fail because of the dependencies.

I used the following config command

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba-3.4.12  \

--with-privatedir=/etc/samba/private  \
--with-lockdir=/var/samba/locks  \
--with-configdir=/etc/samba \
--with-libtalloc=no \
--with-libtdb=yes  \
--with-ads=no \
--with-ldap=yes \

If you don't have trusts or ADS support required you can skip kerberos 
support.   Libtalloc might be required for idmapping.

You may have to say no for most config options, config and compile, then 
enable options one at a time and config and compile again.

On 05/01/13 10:41, Shaw, Kevin wrote:
> All,
> I need to build samba 3.6.12 on solaris 8 using studio 12. Has anyone accomplished this and willing to share tips, tricks, or notes?
> -Kevin

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