[Samba] tdb files

Pascal Legrand Pascal.Legrand at univ-orleans.fr
Fri Mar 29 07:27:16 MDT 2013

i recently had problem with a samba server.
To make some tests i make logs more verbose then the var partition "exploded".
To make samba works fine i made this :
stop samba services
cleanup var partitions
kill some smbd process
make logs less verbose
Then restart samba

Since i've got some strange problems :
When a user logout the process is not killed and sometime the user cant mount
all his share.

I think i sould reboot the server itself and maybe remove some tdb files.
Does somebody could told me if i have to reboot server and if i have to remove
some tdb files, which one i have to keep ?

thanks for your answer and sorry for my poor english


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