[Samba] Connect printer fails with W2K8R2 error 6d1

Andreas Pflug pgadmin at pse-consulting.de
Thu Mar 28 03:57:36 MDT 2013

I've samba 3.6.6 with cups 1.4.4 running. Printing from XP and 2003 
works, by just browsing to the printers folder on the samba server, 
connecting with automatic download of the printer driver. I also 
succeeded uploading a 64bit driver using the 2003 server. So 32 bit 
world works smoothly.

When I try to connect from a 2008R2 server, I get "could not connect, 
error 000006d1". Displaying the printer with "remote printers", I can 
see all properties, but printing a testpage fails with the same 6d1, no 
errors logged by smbd.
Local port using the samba printer works, but that's quite unfortunate 
because I'd like to have the department printer managed centrally.

I've found an older message stating that spoolss-rpc had been changed 
after samba 3.3 with patches in 3.4 which enabled printing on 32 bit 
windows, but not 64 bit. I'm using 3.6.6 so I assumed this would be fixed.

As a sidenote, printing to http://server-ip/printers/PrinterName doesn't 
work on the 2008R2 machine either (2003 does work).

So I wonder if 64 bit is still broken?


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