[Samba] ADUC tool can­not creates users home di­rectory

Nishant Sharma codemarauder at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 09:18:29 MDT 2013


In that case you could choose to hide the homes share by naming it homes$
and assigning a network drive say H: to users as their home drive.

This is the way I have implemented it, may be there is some oversight from
my side, but it works for me. And directories are created automagically by
the windows tool.

On Mar 27, 2013 8:41 PM, "?icro MEGAS" <micromegas at mail333.com> wrote:

> Hello Nishant,
> thanks for your feedback. Well, of course your proposed configuration
> would work, but have a caveats in my eyes:
> - a user accessing the share \\s4srv\homes would see all other users home
> directories. Although he cannot enter/access them, I don't like this
> behavior.
> - you would have two shares shown, one is \\s4srv\homes and the other
> cloned one (because of the homes special share) \\s4srv\johndoe. That's
> annoying, too. If I would use "browseable = no" at the [homes] section,
> than only the share \\s4srv\johndoe would be visible and when you open this
> share, you see again all other users home directories (which is not wanted
> at all).
> I would really appreciate to use the special share [homes] as it is
> intended to be used (as described in the manual of smb.conf). But I cannot
> find another option to have ADUC tool use somehow this syntax form of this
> special share which will clone [homes]-->[username]. As I think exactly
> that is the problem, that's why ADUC cannot access this share to create a
> subdir there.
> Of course there would be an option to use logon scripts to create a
> non-existing home dir on-the-fly after the user logs in. I just wanted to
> ask here on the community, if I miss something and maybe there's a
> workaround to use [homes] as described initially on my post here *AND* to
> have ADUC tool creates a homedir for a user.
> However, thanks for your feedback.
> Cheers,
> Lucas.
> Срд 27 Мар 2013 18:50:02 +0400, Nishant Sharma <codemarauder at gmail.com>
> написал:
> On Mar 27, 2013 8:08 PM, "?icro MEGAS" <micromegas at mail333.com<http://compose/?adb_to=micromegas@mail333.com>>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> > My smb.conf contains:
> >
> > [global]
> >    template homedir = /data1/homes/%ACCOUNTNAME
> >
> > [homes]
> >          browseable = no
> >    read onlyXSSCleaned= no
> Remove template homedir from global and add following to your homes
> section:
> path = /data1/homes
> And while defining home directory for users in dsa.msc give following path:
> \\SRV4\homes\%USERAME%
> And it should work fine.
> Regards,
> Nishant

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