[Samba] ADUC tool cannot creates users home directory

?icro MEGAS micromegas at mail333.com
Wed Mar 27 08:37:58 MDT 2013

Hello everybody,

if I use Microsoft's Active Directory & Users tool to add a home drive mapping to a users profile, I encounter the problem that ADUC tool cannot create automatically the home directory for the desired user. ADUC tool fails with the message, that the share cannot be accessed.

My smb.conf contains:

   template homedir = /data1/homes/%ACCOUNTNAME

         browseable = no
   read only = no

When user "johndoe" browse the share \\s4srv he will see a share with the name "johndoe". If he doubleclicks this share, he see's the content of his home directory. Until here everything work's fine and is reasonable. As "man smb.conf" explains the [homes] share is a special share and the behavior is explained in details.

My problem is, that I am logged-in with MYDOMNAME\Administrator at a Windows client, and running the ADUC tool. In users profile I enter for home drive mapping following information:

U: --map---to--->    \\s4srv\%username%

The syntax is correct, but ADUC cannot access this share, because it would resolve to \\s4srv\administrator at this step. I think that's why ADUC cannot create this share, because of the special mapping of the [home] share. The [home] share is cloned and the username of the accessing user is used. (see 'man smb.con' under section [homes] special share).

How can I achieve to have ADUC tool create also the home dir when I create a new user? Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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