[Samba] force user = and guest ok = yes both set: samba 3.6.12 versus 3.6.13

Heiner Billich Heiner.Billich at psi.ch
Wed Mar 27 06:29:26 MDT 2013


when I set

    guest ok = yes


    force user = some_user

for a share and a client connects as guest, does samba switch to the
user 'some_user' when it accesses the share's directory? To me it looks
like samba did do this up to version 3.6.12 but does no longer with
version 3.6.13:

Instead 3.6.13 does switch to the guest user account - in my case to

Please can someone confirm that there was a change from 3.6.12 to 3.6.13
that introduced this new behavior - or am I wrong and something else did
go wrong when I did update? I did read the release notes and tried to
read the source, but couldn't come to a conclusion.

Best regards,

Heiner Billich
System Engineer Scientific Computing; Paul Scherrer Institut
Heiner.Billich at psi.ch; +41563103602;

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