[Samba] [samba 4] Set "user can't change password" in command lines

Francois Lafont mathsattacks at free.fr
Sat Mar 23 20:57:59 MDT 2013


I use Samba version 4.0.3 in Debian Wheezy. With this command:

# net sam set pwnoexp "john" yes

The "john" account has a password which never expires. But is there a
command to set "user can't change password" parameter ? I have searched
in the "samba-tool" command and in the "net" command but I haven't found.

I know it's possible the set this parameter in windows side (with
dsa.msc for example) but I would like to do that in command lines in the
Debian server.

Thanks in advance for your help.

François Lafont

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