[Samba] RPM building tools for Samba 4.0.3 on RHEL 6 published bye me on Github

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Fri Mar 22 16:14:31 MDT 2013

Regarding your latest samba.spec for version 4.0.4-0.1

If "with_dc" is activated, the build still fails with:

RPM build errors:
     Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

As I reported before, there is an entry for "ldbsamba_extensions.so" 
under "# ldb libraries built with DC activated" but not for "ildap.so".
The file gets built but not packaged.

Also, the installation of the samba-libs package fails with:

error: Failed dependencies:
         libdfs_server_ad.so()(64bit) is needed by 
         libdfs_server_ad.so(SAMBA_4.0.4)(64bit) is needed by 

The query "rpm --query --requires -p 
samba-libs-4.0.4-0.1.el6.x86_64.rpm" gives "libdfs_server_ad.so" as a 

Is there any reason why my previous suggestion to package 
"libdfs_server_ad.so" in "samba-libs" instead of "samba-dc-libs" was not 
If you do that, under the condition "%if %with_dc", the error 
disappears. Please note that "samba-libs" must always be installed 
before "samba-dc-libs", so that the "samba-dc-libs" requirement at 
install has already been satisfied by "samba-libs".

As also reported before, the same happens with "libposix_eadb.so". It is 
required by "samba". I suggested that it be moved to the same section as 
"libdfs_server_ad.so", i.e. in "samba-libs" under "%if %with_dc".

If these two steps are taken, both build and install complete flawlessly 
and you get a working AD DC installation.

If this is accepted, as a final touch and for the sake of consistency, 
the "%exclude" for "/libdfs_server_ad.so" should go into LIBS, under 
"%if %with_dc":

# formerly excluded in files dc
%exclude %{_libdir}/samba/libdfs_server_ad.so
%endif # with_dc

and the "%exclude" for "/ildap.so" and "ldbsamba_extensions.so" should 
go into DC-LIBS, also under "%if %with_dc"

%doc packaging/RHEL-rpms/README.dc-libs
# formerly excluded in files dc
%exclude %{_libdir}/samba/ldb/ildap.so
%exclude %{_libdir}/samba/ldb/ldbsamba_extensions.so
%endif # with_dc

Best regards

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