[Samba] ACLs not obeyed when connecting to a share from a trusted domain where share path target contains spaces

Alex Crow acrow at integrafin.co.uk
Fri Mar 22 08:29:25 MDT 2013


Running 3.6.12 here, I've come up against a very odd bug. It seems that 
if you define a share where the "path =" parameter contains spaces (ie 
"/home/samba/test test") it will be accessible from windows clients in 
the same domain as the server, but will give an "access denied error" 
from windows clients connecting from a trusted domain, even though a 
POSIX ACL is set on the path allowing that user or group access.

I have reproduced this repeatedly, removing the spaces in the path and 
re-adding them and the result is the same every time.

The odd thing is that if you use smbclient on Linux with creds of a user 
in the trusted domain it connects to the share just fine!

Any ideas?



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