[Samba] DNS Replication Between Samba4 DCs

Kristofer kristofer at cybernetik.net
Thu Mar 21 14:20:51 MDT 2013

Since the internal DNS server became available, I switched to that and it is replicating between DC's just fine. 

Only issue I see with it is that it does not return multiple A records in a round robin fashion. 

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I have been able to successfully install and configure a primary DC with Ubuntu 12.04 and the samba4 package as well as configure and join a secondary DC to the primary. However, I cannot DNS entries to replicate from the primary to the secondary (I haven't tried the other way around but I would like that working as well). Both are using BIND9_DLZ. Is DNS replication even supported with this setup or do I have to use the SAMBA INTERNAL setting? 

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