[Samba] Making users local administrators

Terry Austin terry at crownhardware.com
Wed Mar 20 16:59:46 MDT 2013

Yeah, I figured that out. It's not the right way, because it has to be done 
on each machine in the domain, but so does setting it to log in to the 
domain in the first place. So it's just a new line in my deployment 
checklist. Thanks.

On 20 Mar 2013 at 15:56, Gregory Sloop wrote:

> An easy way is:
> For the Administrator group on the local machine, add "domain users"
> to that *local* group.
> [This means that any domain authenticated user will have local admin
> privs.]
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> While I've not done this via GPO - this looks like a reasonable way of
> doing so.
> http://www.expta.com/2011/02/adding-users-to-local-security-groups.html
> -Greg
> TA> I have Samba 4 (lastest version, I think) set up for Active Driectory.
> TA> Everything is working just, using Microsoft's Group Policy Editor to manage
> TA> stuff. Except one thing:
> TA> For reasons you don't want to get me started on, I need all users to have
> TA> local administrative priviliges on any computer on the domain. This is
> TA> supposed to be a simple, straightforward thing. Google has led me to half a
> TA> dozen different ways to do this through group policies. And none of them
> TA> work. I can set any other kind of group policy I want, power saving 
> TA> settings, screen saver settings, various security settings in IE, and the
> TA> new settings show up with a gpupdate /force, but I cannot figure out how to
> TA> add someone to the local administrators group. Can somebody point me to a
> TA> really remedial howto? Something like "group policies for complete idiots"
> TA> maybe.
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