[Samba] Making users local administrators

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Mar 20 16:56:00 MDT 2013

An easy way is:

For the Administrator group on the local machine, add "domain users"
to that *local* group.

[This means that any domain authenticated user will have local admin

While I've not done this via GPO - this looks like a reasonable way of
doing so.




TA> I have Samba 4 (lastest version, I think) set up for Active Driectory.
TA> Everything is working just, using Microsoft's Group Policy Editor to manage
TA> stuff. Except one thing:

TA> For reasons you don't want to get me started on, I need all users to have
TA> local administrative priviliges on any computer on the domain. This is
TA> supposed to be a simple, straightforward thing. Google has led me to half a
TA> dozen different ways to do this through group policies. And none of them
TA> work. I can set any other kind of group policy I want, power saving 
TA> settings, screen saver settings, various security settings in IE, and the
TA> new settings show up with a gpupdate /force, but I cannot figure out how to
TA> add someone to the local administrators group. Can somebody point me to a
TA> really remedial howto? Something like "group policies for complete idiots"
TA> maybe.

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