[Samba] "not permitted to access this share"

Mark Drummond mark.drummond at empire.ca
Tue Mar 19 12:54:52 MDT 2013

Hello all,

Been fighting with this all day and I am at a loss. Maybe I've been
staring at it too long. I'm getting a "not permitted to access this
share error" where I think I should be getting in no problem.

user 'fizbin' (from session setup) not permitted to access this share (logs)


Two AIX 6.1  (6100-06-06) LPARs both running Samba 3.3.12 binaries
from IBM. LPAR1 is working great. No problem accessing the shares
created there. On LPAR2 I cannot access any shares. Both are
configured for domain authentication and that seems to be working.
wbinfo -u returns a list of domain users. On both systems I get:

check_ntlm_password:  authentication for user [fizbin] -> [fizbin] ->
[fizbin] succeeded

The global sections of smb.conf are the same on both machines. Not
sure where to go from here. The two systems seem to be identical. Any
tips would be appreciated.

- Mark
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