[Samba] There are no currently logon servers available when mappingwith "net use"

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Mon Mar 18 01:43:34 MDT 2013

Look at the authentication of your member server, does the server
authenticate right against your PDC/BDC? Which version of
Samba? what about using dfs or dfs proxy on your PDC/BDC to map the share?
Do you use WINS?

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There is a setting in gpedit.msc somewhere to tell the PC to wait for
network connectivity before showing the login box. (no idea where - find it
yourself - sorry)

  Anothe option - I have one user woth a similar problem. She keeps getting
'duplicate machine name exists' popups appearing regardless of what I name
her machine. The laptop caches her user details so she can log in fine, but
generally has weird problems connecting to new shares. 
You might see the behaviour you are getting if there were machines with
duplicate names - one would join the domain properly, wheras the other's
trust account would fail but could log in with cached credentials and then
have problems connecting to domain repated stuff.

hope that helps


On 15/03/2013 23:26, TMason wrote:
> "Marcio Oli"  wrote in message
> news:CANpJy9WD=CLxbB=BQhgS==1mt-rkTXT0hVMi6muymZ5RKXMktg at mail.gmail.com...
> Hi people, I have a problem and I need so much of your help.
> I have a login script in \\server1\netlogon\script.bat (on my PDC and
> BDC)
> that runs "net use" commands to map some shares in time of the logon.
> This login tries to map share in another server (samba member of 
> domain \\server2).
> So, I put the result at a log and appears these lines:
> "
> System error 1311 has occurred.
> There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon 
> request.
> "
> This is a recurrent problem, but neither always this happens. 
> Sometimes, everything is wonderful and works very well mapping all 
> shares, but is unstable.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----------
> Windows clients have this problem regardless of the type of PDC/BDC 
> you have (Windows or Samba). The problem is that Windows is generally 
> ready to let people log in before all of the network services are 
> ready and as such people can't log in.
> Are your servers on static IPs? Also, what kind of DNS/DHCP server do 
> you have?
> This will help in troubleshooting.
> TMason

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