[Samba] Samba (3.6.12) - Different Home Directories for Different Users

Jim Potter jimpotter at orange.net
Sun Mar 17 14:23:42 MDT 2013


I have a similar setup (complex home directory setup) and I use the root 
preexec option to do it. See the 'id $1  | grep staff' bit below to 
check group membership.

I found that 'id auser' works much better than 'groups auser'. don't 
know why, but groups sometimes takes a few moments to run, and the share 
is not accessible until the script has finished.

Hope that helps,


 From smb.conf:
         comment = windows home directory
         path = /srv/nas/BEC/%U/home
         root preexec = /bin/bash /srv/scripts/home.sh %U /srv/nas/BEC
         read only = no
         browseable = no
         csc policy = documents
         hide files = /desktop.ini/$RECYCLE.BIN/recycled/
         veto files = /*.bat/
         vfs objects = recycle



if [ -z "$2" ]
         echo "no repository specified"
         exit 0

if [ ! -d $2/$1 ]
         mkdir -p $2/$1/home/AutoBackup
         mkdir -p $2/$1/myDocs/Desktop
         mkdir $2/$1/myDocs/Downloads
         mkdir $2/$1/myDocs/My\ Music
         mkdir $2/$1/myDocs/My\ Pictures
         mkdir $2/$1/myDocs/My\ Videos
         mkdir $2/$1/myDocs/OpenOffice\ backups
         mkdir $2/$1/myDocs/OpenOffice\ templates

         mkdir -p /srv/recycled/$1

         ln -ns $2/$1/myDocs $2/$1/home/myDocs
         ln -ns /srv/recycled/$1 /srv/users/$1/home/recycled

         if (id $1 | grep "staff") >> /dev/null;
                 mkdir -p $2/$1/archive
                 ln -ns /srv/recycled/$1 $2/$1/archive/recycled
                 ln -s msdfs:personalTest\\archive $2/$1/archive

         chown -R $1:"Domain admins" $2/$1 /srv/recycled/$1
         chmod -R 770 $2/$1 /srv/recycled/$1
         chmod 570 $2/$1/home

On 15/03/2013 20:59, TMason wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using Samba (3.6.12) with Gentoo Linux (Kernel Version 3.7.10) 
> and I have a system integrated with Active Directory (the Microsoft 
> Windows servers are running 2008 Enterprise Edition, Release 2). All 
> is well on that front (I can log in, directories are created, etc.)
> What I would like to do now is have different /etc/skel directories 
> for different groups. So, for example, if someone from the Finance 
> department logs in one set of default settings are copied for that 
> person but if someone from sales logs in another set of default 
> settings are copied over for that user.
> How can I do this with Samba/Linux? Thank you for your time.

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