[Samba] LDB integration with other services

Andriy Melnyk melnyk at auts.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua
Sat Mar 16 15:13:12 MDT 2013

We are implementing system that will be used for educational purposes. It 
consists of: Samba4 as AD DC and fileshare; dhcpd; moodle; postfix; RADIUS and  
some other services.
We want to use common user database as authentication backend for all of these 
services. So we see two possible solutions: 
1. Use LDB as authentication backend and configure all services to work with 
it. So we need to extend LDB' schema, can you give some advice about possibile 
solutions? Which services are supported by LDB and is this support permanent 
or not? 
2. Use LDB as authentication backend only for Samba4 and LDAP as 
authentication backend with another services. In this case we'll need to 
organize merging users from LDAP to LDB. Are there some solutions for 

Which of those is better?

Is there any web interface for working with LDB's database? (for adding users, 
editing user information)

Thank you.
Andrii Melnyk
System Administrator

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