[Samba] There are no currently logon servers available when mappingwith "net use"

Marcio Oli marcio.oli.df at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 19:44:15 MDT 2013

Hi TMason,

     thanks about the quickly answer. All my servers are over red hat (I'll
confirm correct version next monday) with static IP addresses. And the
network has DHCP and DNS over red hat too. DHCP sends the wins server; that
in this case is the PDC; to all users' workstations.

I'm available to give more informations about my environment in order to we
solve this issue.


2013/3/15 TMason <c.koeber at live.com>

> "Marcio Oli"  wrote in message news:CANpJy9WD=CLxbB=BQhgS==**
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> Hi people, I have a problem and I need so much of your help.
> I have a login script in \\server1\netlogon\script.bat (on my PDC and BDC)
> that runs "net use" commands to map some shares in time of the logon.
> This login tries to map share in another server (samba member of domain
> \\server2).
> So, I put the result at a log and appears these lines:
> "
> System error 1311 has occurred.
> There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon
> request.
> "
> This is a recurrent problem, but neither always this happens. Sometimes,
> everything is wonderful and works very well mapping all shares, but is
> unstable.
> ------------------------------**------------------------------**
> --------------------
> Windows clients have this problem regardless of the type of PDC/BDC you
> have (Windows or Samba). The problem is that Windows is generally ready to
> let people log in before all of the network services are ready and as such
> people can't log in.
> Are your servers on static IPs? Also, what kind of DNS/DHCP server do you
> have?
> This will help in troubleshooting.
> TMason
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