[Samba] Samba4

david elaissi ead at mime.univ-paris8.fr
Mon Mar 4 06:28:13 MST 2013


In /usr/local/samba/var/, I created the directory "profiles" to receive 
the users roaming profiles.

or /usr/local/samba/profiles has owner "root" and group "staff".
I created a user control by user1 samba-tool user add user1
I created user1 directory under /usr/local/samba/profiles for I 

How do you have fornot owner "root" but the owner "user1"
How do you have for not the group "staff" but the group "Domain Users"

Since the following does not work: chown user1: Domain Users / 

Other question :

I will also ask you questions about the internal DNS SAMBA 4, I managed 
to add type RECORD
A, NS, CNAME, but I still do not know how it adds RECORD SOA   ?????


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