[Samba] Samba4 smb.conf parse shares diffently depending on where a section is located.

Daniel Hedblom daniel.hedblom at solleftea.se
Fri Mar 15 05:53:16 MDT 2013

I guess this works as intended but i wanted to put it here anyhow for
future reference for others.

If a share definition is located above [Global] it gets totally different
attributes. We had enormous problems with rights on one share and no matter
what we did to acl, xattr and Windows permissions it just would not work
correctly. A couple of things added to a definition above [Global] is:

        create mask = 0744
directory mask = 0755
map archive = Yes
map readonly = yes
store dos attributes = No
vfs objects =

Putting the share below the [Global] section solved everything anyhow.

Daniel Hedblom

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