[Samba] Weird behaviour of one Win7 user

Dr. Harry Knitter harry at knitter-edv-beratung.de
Mon Mar 11 04:30:05 MDT 2013

Am Montag, 11. März 2013 schrieb Gregory Sloop:
> DHK> Hello list,
> DHK> I have a samba 3.5.6 running on a Debian squeeze machine. This box is
> running DHK> since more than a year without any problems.
> DHK> Since a couple of days we have the following problem.
> DHK> One Win7 user doesn't get his user profile any more
> DHK> The log file tells:
> DHK> [2013/03/04 07:43:14.641151,  1]
> DHK> auth/auth_util.c:580(make_server_info_sam)
> DHK>   User WIN7MACHINE$ in passdb, but getpwnam() fails!
> DHK> [2013/03/04 07:43:14.641191,  0]
> DHK> auth/auth_sam.c:493(check_sam_security)
> DHK>   check_sam_security: make_server_info_sam() failed with
> DHK> This happens from any machine the user concerned tries to connect the
> domain. DHK> Other Win7 users do not have the problem regardless what
> machine they use.
> DHK> The user exists in tbdsam and in the unix passwd file as does the
> machine.
> DHK> Everything worked well until Friday, when we experienced this problem.
> Friday DHK> the user first experienced this problem, however after several
> retries to log DHK> in the domain it suddenly worked again.
> DHK> Today (Monday) the user couldn't get his user profile anymore and
> couldn't DHK> connect to the domain.
> DHK> Neither samba configuration, nor user settings have been changed. The
> problem DHK> occured without any configuration or permission changes.
> Others will probably have better suggestions than I - but it would
> appear that the account has been damaged.
> Is it possible to easily delete the user and re-create the account in
> Samba? If after deleting the account and re-creating the problem still
> exists, then my "guess" must be wrong.
> If it fixes it, then you know the account was damaged.
> In either case, it narrows the list of things to test considerably.
> ---
> But I can certainly see where nuking the user and recreating them
> might not be a trivial process. If so, hopefully others will suggest
> better/more precise steps.
> -Greg

Hi Greg,

I also thought about doing this. However, this would mean that we have to 
reconstruct all user settings in that profile. I would rather like to ovoid 
that since this would be very time consuming.

I hope there are some suggestions to come out without having to do that.



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