[Samba] Weird behaviour of one Win7 user

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Mar 11 03:59:09 MDT 2013

DHK> Hello list,

DHK> I have a samba 3.5.6 running on a Debian squeeze machine. This box is running
DHK> since more than a year without any problems.
DHK> Since a couple of days we have the following problem.
DHK> One Win7 user doesn't get his user profile any more
DHK> The log file tells:

DHK> [2013/03/04 07:43:14.641151,  1]
DHK> auth/auth_util.c:580(make_server_info_sam)
DHK>   User WIN7MACHINE$ in passdb, but getpwnam() fails!
DHK> [2013/03/04 07:43:14.641191,  0]
DHK> auth/auth_sam.c:493(check_sam_security)
DHK>   check_sam_security: make_server_info_sam() failed with 

DHK> This happens from any machine the user concerned tries to connect the domain.
DHK> Other Win7 users do not have the problem regardless what machine they use.

DHK> The user exists in tbdsam and in the unix passwd file as does the machine.

DHK> Everything worked well until Friday, when we experienced this problem. Friday
DHK> the user first experienced this problem, however after several retries to log
DHK> in the domain it suddenly worked again.
DHK> Today (Monday) the user couldn't get his user profile anymore and couldn't
DHK> connect to the domain.

DHK> Neither samba configuration, nor user settings have been changed. The problem
DHK> occured without any configuration or permission changes.

Others will probably have better suggestions than I - but it would
appear that the account has been damaged.

Is it possible to easily delete the user and re-create the account in
Samba? If after deleting the account and re-creating the problem still
exists, then my "guess" must be wrong.

If it fixes it, then you know the account was damaged.

In either case, it narrows the list of things to test considerably.

But I can certainly see where nuking the user and recreating them
might not be a trivial process. If so, hopefully others will suggest
better/more precise steps.


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