[Samba] samba4 provision password complexity error

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Sun Mar 10 23:09:04 MDT 2013

GR> Ok I finally gave up and made something really complex:   Administrator1

GR> Boy, we feel really secure now.    :rolleyes:

GR> RANT:  I wish people would stop all this complexity nonsense and
GR> just let people set their passwords how they want to
GR> set them.

I really hope you're venting at Microsoft who set the standard and
which Samba, for FREE, is simply following. It's the exact same setup
as a Windows Server install. You can't turn off the complexity
requirements there before you setup the Admin account either.

Seriously dude. It works just like it does in Windows and clearly you
want it just like Windows or you wouldn't be running an AD provision.

Seems like a lot of venting and gnashing of teeth for an extra couple
of minutes of work. [Not to mention a poke in the Samba Devs' eyes
about what you have not paid a penny for.]


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