[Samba] S4 : trusting 2003 domain

BOTZ Franck (Informaticien) - DDT 67/SG/MGI/CI franck.botz at bas-rhin.gouv.fr
Fri Mar 8 02:45:30 MST 2013

Hi Andrew

My question: is it possible to mix a solution to enable a trusting relation ?

I explain :

I have 2 different domains name : DOMAIN1 and DOMAIN2

DOMAIN1 = manage with windows 2003 PDC
DOMAIN2 = the new domain

Like building a trust relation isn't possible between S4 and 2003 if I  
do this :

1- Install a Win2003Server which manage the DOMAIN2
2- Build a trust relation between the DOMAIN1 and DOMAIN2 will be functionnal
3- Joining a new DC on DOMAIN2 (a Samba4 DC)
4- Joining a new member server for file share (Samba4 member server)

Can I use the DOMAIN1 users/groups on this member server ?

If I stop the Win2003Server which manage the DOMAIN2, what's happened ?

Best regards,


Le 08.03.2013, "> Andrew Bartlett (par Internet)" <abartlet at samba.org>  
a écrit:

> On Wed, 2013-03-06 at 12:45 +0100, BOTZ Franck (Informaticien) - DDT
> 67/SG/MGI/CI wrote:
>> Hi !
>> I want to trust a 2003 domain on my S4 PDC
>> The final is to access shares on 2003 domain
>> How do i do this ?
> You can join a new Samba 4.0 AD DC to your Windows 2003 domain with
> 'samba-tool domain join dc'.
> However, if you are asking about having a domain trust between two
> different domains, then sorry, you cannot currently trust a Windows
> domain from a Samba 4.0 AD Domain, or vice versa.  This remains a
> feature we plan to develop, but currently is is not possible.
> Andrew Bartlett
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