[Samba] tracking user activity - Active Directory

Gregory Carter gcarter at aesgi.com
Thu Mar 7 19:11:54 MST 2013

If I may make a suggestion.

If you are worried about presence, use Biometrics.

Logins for office wouldn't work for example if there is a VPN, which 
will not prove presence.

Biometrics though can prove identity and presence to a higher degree of 

Video is nice to have, but too easy to defeat.

At least if you have to cut someones finger off, or cut their eye out of 
their head you make the effort parcel to murder...

and of course, as everyone here knows on this list...THATS when it 
starts to get interesting.

At that point in time, its time to call me as I like cases like that.


On 03/07/2013 07:50 PM, Bob Miller wrote:
> The share auditing is an excellent point.  I was not actually aware that
> those existed, so thank you for bringing this to my attention, and yes I
> will be setting that up.  But they are not applicable in this case.
> The reason to establish if someone logged into the network is to
> determine who was present in the office, not because anything happened
> on the network.  The event occurred during off hours and we know when
> that was, so if we can determine someone logged into the network around
> that time, it will give a clue who was physically present.

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