[Samba] ldap/shared address books

Bob Miller bob at computerisms.ca
Wed Mar 6 12:28:08 MST 2013

> Is there a way to make a shared address book through Samba? Or am I stuck 
> with beating my head against ldap again?

I installed a program called Davical on my Samba4 server, it provides
shared address books and calendars using CalDAV and CardDAV protocol,
and authenticates against the active directory.  it supports many
clients, including outlook if you buy a 3rd party add-on, though I have
found many CalDAV/CardDAV clients are a bit lacking.  It also allows you
to use the AD groups to easily assign permissions.  The only real
drawback to it is that you have to remember to sync it to the active
directory after you add a new user or group, but for me that is a very
small price to pay.

Hope that is helpful.

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