[Samba] EXTERNAL: Re: SAMBA bringing NFS server to a halt

Joseph, Matthew (EXP) matthew.joseph at lmco.com
Wed Mar 6 07:27:30 MST 2013

Hello JAB,

You need to understand that installing patches and upgrading servers is not a simple task when it comes to my situation. My first step is to try to figure out if it's a OS fault or if it can be fixed with modifying configurations of the OS or in this case Samba (or my configuration of Samba).

You are making a lot of assumptions which is fine if that is what you choose to believe. It is a completely closed LAN with multiple layers of security so let's leave it at that.
If the solution is to install patches then it is something I will look into but again that is a long process that I would prefer not to go into if it is not needed for this situation.

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On Wed, 2013-03-06 at 08:28 -0500, Joseph, Matthew (EXP) wrote:
> Hello JAB,
> Thank you for taking the time to respond to this in a very helpful  
> manner... If the SAMBA community does not care about helping someone  
> with a "wildly out of date server" then they should state that before  
> letting someone join the mailing list.

Given you are running RHEL, you should have been over the last four years been reading the security bulletins for RHEL and responding to them appropriately.

It should be apparent to any sensible person that the first step would be to check that my distribution does not have fixes for the problems that I am seeing. (hint I am 99% certain it does). 

> This is a production server on a closed LAN which we don't have the  
> option of upgrading it to RHEL 5.9 or greater in the near future.

No lan is that closed. That you have no procedure for upgrading the OS on your server which suffers from a number of remote root security holes that require nothing more than a connection to your network is very bad practice.

> So with that being said, anyone have any experience with what I am  
> dealing with?

Read your distro release and security notes. I am 99% certain that this is a known problem that can be fixed by upgrading.


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