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Andersen, Jan jandersen at informatica.com
Wed Mar 6 06:54:55 MST 2013

Hi Matthew,

I am not the best person to help you, regrettably, but I do run samba, so perhaps I can say something that is helpful, even if only by accident.

What strikes me is the number of smbd processes; do you really have as many as 15000? I would expect most systems to run out of steam before the process list got that long, but I think there is a way of limiting the number of smb processes. I had a brief look at the man page for smb.conf (which seems to reside in /etc/samba, normally), but there is an obscene number of parameters, so I didn't find the relevant one. I'd suggest that you set a reasonable limit, though; when the limit is reached, users won't be able to connect, but the ones that are on will have a decent performance, at least.

It surprises me that this should be connected to SVN or Eclipse; unless you have many 1000s of users you shouldn't really get that many smbd processes. A way to get closer to the source of the problem would be to look in the logs (usually in /var/log/samba, or so); there should be one log per connecting system. What I usually do is delete them all and then look at them a shortish while later when they seem to have grown somewhat. I suspect you will see the same message over and over and hopefully that will give you some idea of what is wrong.

I hope this will help you; or if not, perhaps it will provoke a better answer from somebody who knows better.

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Hello JAB,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this in a very helpful manner... If the SAMBA community does not care about helping someone with a "wildly out of date server" then they should state that before letting someone join the mailing list.

This is a production server on a closed LAN which we don't have the option of upgrading it to RHEL 5.9 or greater in the near future.

So with that being said, anyone have any experience with what I am dealing with?


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On Wed, 2013-03-06 at 06:33 -0500, Joseph, Matthew (EXP) wrote:
> Hello,
> We have a Red Hat 5.3 SAMBA 3.0.33-3.7 Server that shares a few directories to 4 other servers.
> The other servers are Red Hat 5.3 and one Solaris 10 server.

Stop right there. Nobody here could care less about someone running a wildly out of date server. There are numerous NFS and Samba fixes in RHEL 5.9 over 5.3  some of which are critical bugs, performance issues and others are ones that make your box open to remote root compromises.

Upgrade to RHEL 5.9 and get back if you still have a problem.


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