[Samba] Access to Samba-Shares with "sign communications = mandatory"

Dieter Guthmann d.guthmann at gmx.net
Tue Mar 5 01:08:48 MST 2013

Hello Jeremy,

> > The following Settings in smb.conf does not work :-(
> > server signing = mandatory
> > client signing = mandatory
> > server schannel = auto
> > client schannel = auto

> That should work. How does it fail ? 

I get Errorcode 0x80070043 on Windows7 while accessing.

I want to configure an "Open" Samba-Server - all users on that network should be able to write on all shares.
So I've configured the following:
       workgroup = Arbeitsgruppe
       security = user
       map to guest = Bad Password
       guest account = guest
       username map = /etc/samba/usermap
       server signing = auto
       client signing = auto
       server schannel = auto
       client schannel = auto
       browseable = yes
       load printers = no
       local master = no
       dns proxy = no
       passdb backend = smbpasswd

guest = *

Now I've found a hint that Samba does not support signing, if a "guest" want to access.
Is that true? Is there a way to configure a comfortable "public-accessible" Samba-Server without the need to enter a username or a password while accessing?
Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards

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