[Samba] SaMBa 4.0.3 - permissions in mapping

Celso Viana celso.vianna at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 06:25:08 MST 2013

Hello guys,

I'm testing samba 4 (4.0.3) with FreeBSD 9.1 amd64. After
done "domain provision" [1] with the tool "samba-tool", was
generated the "smb.conf" [2]:

The manual "smb.conf", reports that the default value of the options
"create mask" and "directory mask" are respectively "0744" and "0755."
The command "testparm" [3] reports that the two values are valued

The files/folders created in the home directory
users are created with permission "777".

I'm forcing these values, "0744" and "0755." in "smb.conf" and
continue with "777".

samba-tool domain provision --realm=dom.patax.org --domain=DOM
--server-role=dc --adminpass='@Test123'



Anyone know how to fix this?

Celso Vianna
BSD User: 51318


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