[Samba] samba4 PDC to BDC file replication

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Mar 1 16:46:49 MST 2013

Thanks. I asked this a few weeks back and didn't get much response.
The half-hearted consensus was that rsync wouldn't do the job.

[It seemed to me it should, as long as you're replicating between two
DC members, and not to a non DC member. (Because, as I figured it, a
non DC member wouldn't have any idea about the users/groups, since
it's not replicating and of the DC data, right?)]

Glad for any light you can shed - and thanks for letting me know it
should work. I'll tinker with it when I'm to that point.


JA> On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 09:13:39PM -0800, Gregory Sloop wrote:
>> I'm in the same boat, and I'm only aware of two possibilities.
>> 1) Robocopy - using a Windows client.
>>    BUT Robocopy doesn't do file deltas - changed files are copied in
>>    their entirety. Which isn't a problem if you don't have large
>>    files. But if you've got a 10G file that changes often, then this
>>    probably isn't the best alternative.
>> 2) http://www.bvckup.com/support/ [Bvckup]
>>    This also appears to be a Windows utility, but does handle file
>>    delta's. I have never used this tool and so can't vouch for it in any
>>    way.
>> If you find a functional solution, that preferably can be used on the
>> two Linux/Samba boxes to do file-deltas and still maintain the
>> permissions - that would be best.
>> One other option that might work:
>> Rsync the data, and use robocopy to simply duplicate the permissions
>> structure. [I believe this is possible.]

JA> rsync using -A (preserve ACLs) and -X (preserve extended attributes)
JA> and -o (preserve owner (super-user only)) and -g (preserve group)
JA> should copy thing perfectly.

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