[Samba] meta questing about the list

Andreas Gaiser/L info at multifake.net
Fri Mar 1 03:16:24 MST 2013

Hi fellow list users and admins,

I hope it's not absolutely off topic, sorry if so.

would there perhaps be a way to improve the usability of the list a bit.
Let me explain what I mean. I'm using Thunderbird and it's a whole bunch
of little things to watch out for not to produce a suboptimal posting:

- don't forget to push SHIFT when clicking on write/reply to make sure
it's not edited and sent as HTML but as ASCII (I vaguely remind TB has
help for this using an address book entry, will research that part).
- select the correct identity in order not to get a soft bounce (maybe
it's a bad decision to register with a separate address, the reason was
to avoid my normal signature, because it's a bit too long for a list and
renders awkwardly because originally it's an HTML table)
- change the recipient to the list address in order not to write a PM,

So there's a significant potential to mess something up, here, if you're
just stumbling in right away. To reduce this a bit, would it perhaps be
possible to set a "Reply-To:" header by the list processor to at least
ensure the right destination's set for answers? Any hints for
helpful/specialized TB addons are also very appreciated.

Other than this, is HTML mail actually ok here?

Thanks, and Regards,

Andreas Gaiser, Berlin, Germany

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