[Samba] Information about sessions of logged in users.

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Wed Jun 26 15:18:28 MDT 2013


Am 26.06.2013 13:07, schrieb Vladimir Karpov:
> I have a question if the samba stores information about sessions of users
> logged in a domain?
> Or this information exists only in the workstations the users has logged in?

In the samba logs you can find when connections are opened/closed to 
shares (I think you need at least log level 1):

2013/06/26 14:51:20.491944,  1, pid=10035] 
smbd/service.c:1114(make_connection_snum) ( connect to service homedirs initially as user 
MUC\muehlfeld (uid=1061, gid=513) (pid 10035)

And the output of "smbstatus". But this are only the current connections.


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