[Samba] [samba 4.0.6] samba_dnsupdate and samba_spnupdate failling

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Jun 23 16:26:06 MDT 2013

On Sun, 2013-06-23 at 21:45 +0200, Alberto Flórez Castro wrote:
> I have joined a samba 4.0.6 archlinux PC as an additional AD domain
> controller to an existing windows 2003 active directory domain using the
> official HOWTO as reference. For DNS I used BIND 9.9.3-P1. The samba PC
> apparently joined the domain correctly and the database is replicating. But
> if I look at the log.samba file I see the following messages:
> [2013/06/23 21:30:44,  0]
> ../lib/util/util_runcmd.c:334(samba_runcmd_io_handler)
>   /usr/bin/samba_dnsupdate: Failed to exec child - No such file or directory
> [2013/06/23 21:30:44,  0]
> ../lib/util/util_runcmd.c:334(samba_runcmd_io_handler)
>   /usr/bin/samba_spnupdate: Failed to exec child - No such file or directory
> Also I can confirm that the DNS is not updating. If try to execute manually
> the dns update (samba_dnsupdate --verbose --all-names
> ) I get:
> -bash: /usr/bin/samba_dnsupdate: /usr/bin/python2#: bad interpreter: No
> such file or directory
> Any ideas about how to solve this issue?.

Insert a newline before the #

Alternately, the patch for this is attached, which will be in the next
4.0 release.

Andrew Bartlett

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Authentication Developer, Samba Team           http://samba.org

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