[Samba] How to add a client to a domain?

quiztli at lavabit.com quiztli at lavabit.com
Tue Jun 18 03:03:37 MDT 2013

Thanks for your advice René. I checked the two clients and the one that is
already part of the domain did have these entries. The client I'm trying
to connect didn't so I added them.

I restarted the client and tried to join it into the domain. I still get a
promt for an user and account that can join/connect to the domain. What
sort of account should be given here?
I've tried a few combinations but none succeeded. The documentation I
referred to earlier brings up a few alternative approaches, one being "a
Samba account that has root privileges on the Samba server".

Just to point out: Besides the "actual" domain the clients are part of
there also seems to be a domain solely for the server (the server is named
FOOBAR and there's a corresponding FOOBAR domain)

>did you change the registry of your Windows 7 Client?
>Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
>Sounds a lot like you did not.
>Am 18.06.2013 08:03, schrieb quiztli at lavabit.com:
>> Hello
>> I have recently "inherited" a small domain consisting of a linux
>> server running samba 3.6 and one client computer running Windows 7.
>> I want to add another client (also running Windows 7) to the domain.
>> Previously adding clients has been done by manually creating a linux
>> machine account and samba account.
>> I have created the accounts for the new client but when I try to
>> configure it to be part of the domain a window pops up prompting for
>> an account and password "that can join the domain". I don't really
>> know what to enter here and I am unable to add the machine.
>> Quoting from the documentation:
>> http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/domain-memb
>> er.html#machine-trust-accounts
>> "When the user elects to make the client a domain member, Windows 200x
>> prompts for an account and password that has privileges to create
>> machine accounts in the domain."
>> "A Samba administrator account (i.e., a Samba account that has root
>> privileges on the Samba server) must be entered here; the operation
>> will fail if an ordinary user account is given. The necessary
>> privilege can be assured by creating a Samba SAM account for root or
>> by granting the SeMachineAccountPrivilege privilege to the user account."
>> What should I do sucessfully add the client to the domain?

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