[Samba] Samba as Domain Member

Zane Zakraisek doublezane at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 08:41:11 MDT 2013

I have Samba 4.6.6 running as an ADDC and all is working great. I have a
Samba 3.6.9 File Server that I want to join to the domain. I have gone
through the steps but am having issues.

In my smb.conf file I have added the following
realm = my.domain
security = ads
encrypt passwords = yes

I edited my Kerberos file
        default_realm = MY.DOMAIN
        dns_lookup_kdc = true
        ZAKRAISEK.COM = {
        kdc = server.my.domain
        .kerberos.server = MY.DOMAIN

I installed winbind and edited my nsswitch.conf to add winbind options.

The book that I went off to set this up says to use the idmap uid and idmap
gid options, but to my knowledge these were deprecated a while ago so I did
not include them.

I did net join -U administrator, and it joined fine. If I look in Active
Directory Users and Computers, I can see a computer account created for the
Linux machine.

I ran net ads testjoin, all is good here, no errors
I ran wbinfo -p, all is good here, no errors
I ran wbinfo -t, all is good here, no errors
lastly I ran wbinfo -a "MY.DOMAIN\user", typed the password, and everything
worked successfully

The samba book I'm using then says to run getent passwd "My.DOMAIN\user"
Here is where the error is. I can not seem to get any domain accounts to
work with this command. If I run getent passwd by itself, it displays a
list of all my local accounts on the machine, but no domain ones. Did I
miss a step

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