[Samba] Losing Permissions of Files

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Sun Jun 16 03:52:00 MDT 2013

Hallo, Jonathan,

Du meintest am 12.06.13:

>> Here is the information that you requested. When I say that "all
>> permissions on a file are lost", this is at the windows level. In
>> Windows Explorer, we go to open the file in the default program, we
>> get an "Access denied. Contact your administrator." error.


> The solution required the correct storage of the DOS attributes, the
> appropriate configuration lines are

> # store DOS attributes in extended attributes
> 	ea support = yes
> 	store dos attributes = yes
> 	map readonly = no
> 	map archive = no
> 	map system = no
> 	map hidden = no

> You need to make sure that your file system is mounted with extended
> attributes as well.

In my case: all these options are set (in the "[global]" paragraph).

The share is included with

	comment		= Update Windows
	path		= /srv/CDs/Update

	read only	= no
	public		= yes
	read list	= @schueler, @lehrer, @fachl, @adm
	write list	= @lehrer, @adm
	wide links	= no
	create mask	= 0755
	directory mask	= 1755
	# AND
	force directory mode	= 0755
	# OR

	inherit permissions	= yes
	map archive	= no

The directory "/srv/CDs" is an ext3 partition, mounted with  

Reading in this share is no problem, writing too. Only executing  
something like *.vbs or *.cmd or *.exe produces under Samba4 (Samba3  
mode, using "smbd" and "nmbd" like samba-3.6.x) the error message (in  
german, on my machine)

"Auf das angegebene Gerät bzw. den Pfad oder die Datei kann nicht  
zugegriffen werden. Sie verfügen eventuell nicht über ausreichende
Berechtigungen, um auf das Element zugreifen zu können."

That message is a bit different from that messages Tanveer showed:
"You do not have permission to view or edit this object's permission  
Viewing is (in my case) possible, editing too - at least with *.vbs and  

p.e. file "update.cmd"

@echo off
cd /D "%~dp0cmd"
start DoUpdate.cmd %*

Only executing produces the above mentioned error message.

When I run Samba-3.6.8 (or older): all works fine.

Who or what blocks the execute right with samba4 but not in samba-3.6?

Viele Gruesse!

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