[Samba] Samba + LDAP: Issue adding machine.

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 14:01:11 MDT 2013

I would compare the LDAP attributes between a problem machine and a 
working machine.    Each machine has to have a unique unix account name 
and SID.

Normally you don't need to precreate the samba acct with "smbpasswd -a 
-m" or pdbedit.      However it may help with the diagnostics to see 
what is not getting created.  If you use smbpasswd or pdbedit to create 
the account, then use the ldap editor to fill in the missing attributes 
then you should be able to join the domain.

Also double check that machine accounts are not being created in some 
other LDAP ou than you expected.    you might be trying to fix one ldap 
entry while samba is creating one somewhere else.

It gets tricky when you use smbpasswd or pdbedit to create an account 
and it sees some attributes ther

On 06/14/13 07:49, Luis H. Forchesatto wrote:
> Hi Gaiseric
> Thanks for the reply.
> I believe the problem is not the flags but I will check them again as 
> you suggested. I've found quite annoying this problem because is not 
> on my network, it's on a remote network and I need to move physically 
> to another place in order to test the environment, quite boring also.
> Regarding the sambaPrimaryGroupSID I'll check again but I believe it 
> MAY be the problem :) Also, can this cause this problem? "Another 
> machine was already created previously..." something like....?
> 2013/6/10 Gaiseric Vandal <gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com 
> <mailto:gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com>>
>     I found that Samba 3.5.x has trouble creating the LDAP attributes
>     correctly on new machine accounts . I think Samba 3.4.x was OK.  
>       Rejoining a machine to a domain was usually OK.     You need may
>     need to do a mix of account creation with smbpasswd and LDAP
>     modification with the LDAP editor.
>       It appears to incorrectly set sambaAccountFlags as "[U]" (user)
>     instead of  "[W]" (workstation).   When attempting to join a
>     machine to the domain you may get an error that the account
>     already exists.  Use an LDAP editor to make sure sambaAccountFlags
>     is set to  "[W]."   (You can used pbedit to verify the setting but
>     not to change it to "[W].")
>     type:      sambaAccountFlags
>     value:     [W         ]
>     If, when joining a domain,  you get an error that the "the
>     specified network password is not correct."  you may need to
>     precreate the samba account attribues with the pdbedit or
>     smbpasswd commands .Try the following on spooky
>     #smbpasswd -x -m machinename
>     #smbpasswd -a -m machinename
>     You MAY also need to make sure that the sambaPrimaryGroupSID is
>     also set.  It should end with 515.
>     type:      sambaPrimaryGroupSID
>     value:    S-1-5-21-xxx-xxx-xxx-515
>     On 06/10/13 08:33, Luis H. Forchesatto wrote:
>         Greetings.
>         I've run into a trouble when trying to add a new Win7 machine
>         on a domain.
>         The domain is controlled by a server running Samba + LDAP
>         (samba compiled
>         with ldap support), on a Debian 5 OS at the local network.
>         I've added the machine name to the LDAP three through
>         phpldapadmin using
>         the option "Samba3 Machine" on the related submenu and via
>         terminal on
>         samba. Then I renamed the new machine to match the computer
>         name and tried
>         to add it to the domain. When prompted for credentials to add
>         the new
>         machine I've informed the admin login and password and hit
>         <enter>.
>         The windows then returned the following error (something
>         like): "The
>         junction operation was not well succeded. Maybe another
>         existent machine
>         account <machine_account_name> was created previously using
>         anothet set of
>         credentials. User another computer name or contact the admin
>         to remove any
>         obsolete conflicting account. Error: Access denied."
>         Any ideas for the troubleshoot will be welcome.
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