[Samba] Problem with AD users and groups

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Fri Jun 7 13:58:43 MDT 2013

Hello Marcelo,

Am 07.06.2013 16:51, schrieb Ricky Nance:
>  by the way, why isn't samba listening on port 88 in
> your last mail?

* Can you check, if something else is listening on the kerberos port 88:

# netstat -taunp | grep ":88"

* Please also show us the [global] part of your smb.conf. Expecially the 
"server services =" line. Maybe "kdc" is disabled.

* Does the log say anything, why kdc doesn't listen on :88?

 > My questions are if the worst were if I had to re-provision, would
 > the re-provision be enough? OR Woul d I have to do the entire
 > compile, make, install procedure? Thanks.

How big is your installation? If it's not very small or a test 
environment, I think I would continue searching for the problem, instead 
of setup everything again.

As it sounds like your Samba AD was working before, did anything changed 
on your DC since the last restart of Samba? Maybe required packages have 
been removed, a new compiled Samba version was installed, etc.


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