[Samba] Security = ADS and uidnumbers

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Fri Jun 7 00:31:25 MDT 2013

On Thu, 2013-06-06 at 10:19 +0100, Jonathan Buzzard wrote:
> So given the OP wants consistent UID's on presumably his Samba file
> server running a 3.6.x variant of Samba how does sssd help?

sssd is an alternative to using winbind to extract information from AD.
It may help the OP to try it instead of winbind. Here are a few of the
advantages we have found. 
- sssd is supported: if you have a problem, it will be resolved one day
to the next. 
- It has only one branch which gives the same results with the same
configuration for both samba and smbd.
- It does not need entries in smb.conf

At the moment, winbind seems to be under development. I'm sure that once
it is finished, it will be just as good as sssd at extracting consistent
information from AD.

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