[Samba] authentication problem with samba4 as a dcerpc server

eric gou gouyonggang at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 18:24:11 MDT 2013

Hi All,

I’m trying to configure samba4 to run as a dcerpc server, listend on TCP port 135 only for ncacn_ip_tcp.

when the msrpc request comes for the GSSAPI authentication, it fails to find the account related information in local database.

I join it into a AD domain as a member,  I noticed the account related information is stored in the secrets.tdb,  not the secrets.ldb, but the samba4 server(the samba daemon) is trying to look for the secrets.ldb for these information.

what can I do to pass the GSSAPI authentication (kerberos, or NTLM) for the msrpc, is there anything I missed?

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