[Samba] Symbolic links do NOT work if the source file is present BOTH on client & server !!!

Catrinel Catrinescu cc at 80211.de
Wed Jun 5 03:32:28 MDT 2013

Dear all

I struggle with a very annoying bug !

The problem is very simple to reproduce
(NO Windows stuff needed, ONLY Linux !):

1. Samba 3.5.6 running on a Debian 6 (Squeeze) Server with following configuration:


       security = user
       guest account = nobody
       map to guest = bad user
       null passwords = yes
       case sensitive = yes

       path = /raid/samba/share
       guest ok = yes
       read only = no

       /dev/md0   /raid   ext4   auto,acl   0   1

2. Debian 6 Client mounts the Samba myshare with:
   cc at Client:/# mount.cifs //Server/share/ /mnt/testshare/ -o rw,guest,uid=cc,gid=cc

3. Create a symbolic link onto the share, from a file (example /tmp/tt)
   everything works fine:
   cc at Client:/# ln -s /tmp/tt /mnt/testshare/ttlink
   cc at Client:/# cat /mnt/testshare/ttlink
         I am on Client !

4. Now, if you create a file with the SAME name /tmp/tt on the Server:
   cc at Server:/#  echo '     I am on Server !' > /tmp/tt
5. Then, you will lose the access to your link, from the Client side !!!!!!!!!!
   cc at Client:/# cat /mnt/testshare/ttlink
   cat: /mnt/testshare/ttlink: Permission denied

6. It's enough to remove (or only rename) the /tmp/tt file from the Server and
   the link will work again perfect:
   cc at Server:/# rm /tmp/tt
   cc at Client:/# cat /mnt/testshare/ttlink
         I am on Client !

Please, please help with a solution, or take it in your bug list with very high priority,
because if it cannot be fixed by parameters, then it's a very serious bug !

Thanks in advance

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