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François Lafont flafdivers at free.fr
Sun Jun 2 18:25:51 MDT 2013


Le 03/06/2013 01:20, steve a écrit :
> On Mon, 2013-06-03 at 00:56 +0200, François Lafont wrote:
>> - a second member server identical to the first one (except for the name and the ip address) which copied in real time the previous server's data just in case.
> Hi
> Just curious. Did you rsync it? Did you try disabling the first file
> server and do an IP takeover on the second? Or was it a cluster?

The samba-2 server (the second member server) checked the smb connections in samba-1 (the first member server which contained the users homes) and for these users, we ran rsync in samba-2. Here is a simplified version of the script in samba-2:

# specific interface on samba-1 used just for the rsync.

while true; do

    # check if samba-1 is ok...

    connected_users=$(ssh $IP_RSYNC bash < get_smbstatus.bash)

    for user in $(cat "$connected_users"); do
        rsync -auzvAX --exclude '*.tmp' $IP_RSYNC:"/home/$user/" "/home/$user/"

    sleep 10


samba-1 interfaces:
- eth0 -->
- eth0:0 --> # alias IP
- eth1 --> # just of the rsync

samba-2 interfaces:
- eth0 -->
- eth1 --> # just of the rsync

DNS records:
- samba-1.capesdoc.priv -->
- samba-2.capesdoc.priv -->
- alexandrie.capesdoc.priv -->

And, for all the users, the profile path was "\\alexandrie.capesdoc.priv\myhome\profile" (and there were folder redirections like "\\alexandrie.capesdoc.priv\myhome\docs" etc).

If samba-1 is down, we delete the alias IP in samba-1 and create the alias IP "eth0:0 =" in samba-2. The routine were manual, with shell scripts, but manual. Samba-1 was checked by samba-2 and we received SMS if samba-1 had problems. I didn't wanted an automatic fail-over, I wanted a human operation. This case never took place during the examination. ;-)

I hope I have answered to your question.

François Lafont

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